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 Investment in Latin American Switzerland

This previously unknown to the Russians a country in South America in recent years has become so popular among tourists that have earned the name of the American Switzerland. Comfortable life, incomparable views, beautiful beaches and low cost of living in the country attracting more and more foreign property buyers.
And yet reasonable prices only stirs their interest.
For the benefit of purchasing property in this country do not only speak a low crime rate, but also very stable financial system. The funds transferred to the country, do not even need to convert to local currency. In practice, all real estate transactions in the country are paid in dollars or euros.
The law of the country there are no restrictions on foreigners buying property. This, as well as a fairly easy system of property registration country stands out against other countries in Latin America. When buying real estate in Uruguay do not have to fill out any special forms, undergo pre-registration process and meet some stringent requirements.
A foreigner can even purchase Uruguayan property remotely, through an attorney.
Being a resident of Uruguay, you will not have to pay tax on international income.
Despite the fact that in recent times the world price of property has dropped significantly, the market remains stable Uruguay.
There are many foreign buyers and their constant demand for real estate Uruguay protects against fluctuations of foreign markets.
In addition to the "untwisted" resort towns (for example, the Punta del Este and Piriapolis) popularity among foreign buyers of real estate use and the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo. Many foreigners who settle in the wealthy suburbs of Montevideo, such as Pokitos (Pocitos), beech (Buceo), Carrasco (Carrasco).
However, foreign investors should also pay attention to the still developing resort towns: La Paloma, La Pedrera, Punta del Diablo, and La Esmeralda.